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Zakat Foundation of America donates Iddul Fitr foodstuff to Muslims

By Mbarak Abucheri:


Zakat Foundation of America (ZF), a Muslim non-governmental charitable organization in partnership with the Bungoma based Islamic Youth Community Organization (IYCO), has donated food items to 500 Muslim families in Bungoma County.

The Foundation East Africa regional representative Muhammad Wangusi said it is the policy of the Foundation to serve humanity and less fortunate in the society to bring joy for them to feel part of the society.

Wangusi pointed out that the food assistance which is an annual event was distributed to the less fortunate members of the Muslim community to put a smile on their faces during the holy month of Ramadhan and Eid festivities.

Wangusi said the Ramadan period is used to do good to others, as it brings bountiful blessings to the giver and Allah forgive and save the one from destruction.

He further noted that the foundation offered and organized Iftar programme to 1000 Muslim faithful in two mosques in Kenya and Uganda respectively where also the faithful  benefited from the food package this Ramadhan.

”We wish to thank every one of our Muslim brethren who generously supported us throughout the programme and we also extend our sincere appreciation to ZF donors in USA for the opportunity and support that enabled us to successfully implement the Iftar and food packages with ease,” Wangusi said.

The programme also benefited 100 orphans registered under the organization’s Orphans Support Program who do not have the luxury of enjoying a meal with family members.

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