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Youths urged to champion for better leadership

By Mbarak Abucheri:

sen. daisy nyongesa - nepjournal

Youths have been urged to come up strongly and be on forefront in championing for development oriented leadership that will usher in a new era of change in the country.

Addressing thousands of youths in Kakamega county, nominated senator Daisy Nyongesa  said youths were well placed in determining the future of this nation and that it was high time they realized their role in bringing change and fight for better leadership.

The youthful senator pointed out that unlike some of the seasoned politicians, the youth don’t have selfish egos and therefore are in a better position to offer leadership that would understand the various challenges facing the common mwananchi.

She said youths are well educated and energetic, empowered and ready to raise issues to move this country forward but they lack an environment or platform to implement and actualize their aspirations adding that they need to create an avenue to voice their opinions and ensure they are heard.

She said that the dreams of every young person are valid no matter where she/he was born urging that they can all climb the ladder of leadership and governance as long as they are focused and in right circle or movement.

Senator Daisy appealed to the elderly politicians to encourage and offer political advice and direction to those youth who have declared interests in various elective posts.

“It is unfair for the elderly politicians to keep intimidating youths, and especially first timers in politics,” she said adding that the current constitution had clearly set conditions and requirements for elective positions.

The ambitious senator cautioned youths against being easily swayed by selfish politicians and instead urged them to exploit the opportunities provided in the current constitution by supporting their own in order to gain back the country’s political power from the old order.

She appealed to young men and women from the Luhya community to be wary of the current crop of politicians whom she accused of auctioning the community by putting their selfish interests above everything else.

“I’m appealing to my brothers and sisters from the Luhya community to stand firm against selfish temptations and instead come together and work towards galvanizing the unity of this great community,” appealed the young senator.

She also observed that the community stands a better chance of commanding Kenyan politics due to its numerical strength.

She at the same time appealed to the youths to register as voters and fully participate in the forthcoming General Elections in order to elect leadership of their choice.

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