Youthful politician joins the race to Wajir East, set to launch manifesto in a fortnight

By NepJournal February 14, 2017 23:48

Youthful politician joins the race to Wajir East, set to launch manifesto in a fortnight

By NJ Correspondent:

Jubilant supporters carry Dr. Ali Mohamud shoulder high after a past function.

The race to the Wajir East parliamentary seat has become tougher with the entry today of a youthful politician Dr. Ali Mohamud.

Dr. Ali’s announcement ends days of speculation over his candidature.

“Starting today, you don’t have to discuss this in hushed tones. It’s official. I am a Parliamentary Candidate for Wajir East Constituency for the 2017 General Election. It’s an exciting time. It’s also a challenging time. But more importantly, it’s going to be rewarding time” said Dr. Ali in a statement.

According to the Statement, Dr. Ali’s candidature was informed by the desire to inject fresh impetus into the leadership of Wajir East and the County as a whole.

“Over the years, we have seen old faces recycled over and over with no new agenda and no new ideas. At some point in time, there has to be a turning point for a new beginning, for a better brighter future. This is the time” he said.

Dr. Ali says he will usher in a new style of leadership based on Justice, Inclusivity and Progress.

His announcement has sent shockwaves around the cosmopolitan constituency that was hitherto destined for a two horse race between the incumbent Abass Sheikh Mohamed of the ruling Jubilee party and Rashid Kassim of the Opposition Coalition member Wiper democratic movement.

Both Abass and Kassim were endorsed by elders of their Masare and Fai clans respectively. The verdicts however proved unpopular after a section of clan members from both sides cried foul.

Dr. Ali is banking on his past development and aid record as well as the goodwill of the local people yearning for change to clinch the hotly contested seat.

“We will continue to build on the values of our communities and eliminate the mental shackles and exclusivity norm that has denied our region deserving and merit-able leadership. We will free the young men and women from the mental subordination that has ruined their present and future” he told Nep Journal.

In what appears to be a direct reference to the purported negotiated democracy that has proved unpopular in North Eastern Kenya where clans broker their political representation, the youthful politician said voting was the right of every Kenyan as enshrined in the constitution and reminded his supporters that “No one, absolutely no one should hijack your right to choose your leaders”.

Dr. Ali Mohamud is known for his philanthropic activities in Northern Kenya through the Generation for Change organization. He is a medical practitioner and a renown entrepreneur.

Dr. Ali’s candidature will no doubt attract the fury of pro negotiated democracy fellows but he remains unfazed urging both his supporters and those against his bid to rally behind him to deliver change and progress.

“Along the way, in this promising yet tedious journey, we will confront fear-mongers, naysayers, doubters and those who will never want to see different leadership and witness change. But we will also call upon them to join this change movement lest they find themselves in the dusty remains of an ugly past” he said.

“We appeal to them to disentangle themselves from the comfort zone they are in and be part of growing masses yearning for change and progress” he added.

Dr. Ali will launch his manifesto on February 26, 2017 at the Red Cross Compound in Wajir town.


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By NepJournal February 14, 2017 23:48

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