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By S. Hassan.

The much hyped 2010 constitution was hailed as the one that will liberate Kenya from all its woes or so we were made to believe then. Unfortunately, if events currently unfolding in the country are anything to go by, then one can confidently say that the Kenyan constitution is as good as suspended.

Our courts issue orders that are not adhered to and those who swore to protect the constitution are the first ones to trash it and this was witnessed as late as yesterday. President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the ‘outlawed’ graduation of 2,200 police officers from Kiganjo. A court order was in place stopping the graduation!

An illegal swoop is currently underway in Eastleigh where all the inhabitants from a certain community are guilty until proven innocent and where soldiers enter your bedroom in the wee hours of the night and do anything they deem fit.

Kenyans are killed daily by invisible terrorists and are made to believe that helpless refugees are responsible. Extra judicial killings have become the modus operandi of our security agencies yet they deny their involvement and promise investigations. We are yet to see anyone brought to book!

Police officers sell this country at a throw away price. You can part with a fifty bob per road block along any road and transport anything across the country!

At the official front, walk into any office and you have to part with something small to get served.

Our elected officials are power hungry, they put their interest first. They only think of enriching themselves by getting their salaries and allowances raised, they misuse public resources and there are white elephant projects or shoddy work everywhere.

Terror attacks are carried out and instead of an intelligence based response the energy and resources of the state are turned to the most vulnerable people who themselves bear the brunt of terrorism!

Kenyans are taken for a ride. Today we complain of rising prices of unga, mega scandals, rising wage bill and many other social issues and tomorrow we are told it is because we host a lot of refugees!

Patriotism is at an all time low. Kenya is up for grabs!

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