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Will korane solve water crisis?

The governor of Garissa Ali Bunow Korane, has pledged to solve water crises in Garissa County in the first 100 days of his administration, he made the promise in his inauguration ceremony In Garissa town.

The governor said in part of solving the water problem he will first do a thorough audit to the Garissa water and Sewerage Company (GAWASCO) and afterward ensure the shortage of water in the county is solved.

“water shortage has affected all sectors of our economy both rural and urban, and my administration will tackle water crises” said the governor.” korane said.

True to his promise the governor visited GAWASCO Water treatment plant days after assuming the office saying he wanted “to have an understanding on the working condition and service delivery”

“My administration will within today initiate measures to tackle the poor service delivery in Water and Health departments that is in total disregard to our devolution goals. We will ensure affordable quality healthcare services and clean and safe water to all.”Korane said after his visit.

While the 100 days the governor has set is almost ending critic say water crises is far from ending, a number of homes that NJ team visited had no water. residents say they have not seen any changes from the administration.

In his cabinet naming the governor did not give a priority to water docket, though he has three more cabinet members to nominate, some term this giving a lesser significance to the urgent issue of solving water crises.


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