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Why Amb. Mohamed Abdi has lost it all.

By Ali Bashane

Amb.Mohamed Abdi Mohamud-nepjournal

Amb.Mohamed Abdi giving press statement announcing his interest to vie for Wajir Gubernatorial seat 2017 elections on Saturday at Nairobi hotel.

The announcement of Amb.Mohamed Abdi Mohamud to contest for Wajir gubernatorial seat in the forthcoming general elections was a shock to the people of Wajir County. This was less expected of him as he accepted the verdict that was reached by his community on July 28th declaration.

As a long term political King Mohamed Abdi aka (mwalimu pekee) was ever a legend and a darling to his community before he made a U-turn on his family decision that rejected to consider him for any political seat. But told him to back and support the family preferred candidate Ugas Sheikh Mohamed.

At this juncture Mwalimu Pekee was part of a nomination process. On several occasions; he took an oath to abide by the outcome. On July 28th a verdict was issued and again the honourable ambassador took an oath of acceptance. The next day, in a get together family forum witnessed by hundreds of respectful kinsmen, he promised to support the nominee. But it was just yesterday when he became a different man, despised and scorned by his people. While those on the other political end were excited, professionals from his backyard were raging in anger. At the age of 65 the mwalimu,  is the man the family expected of him to honour the declaration as he promised.

Amb.Mohamed Abdi-nepjournal

Amb.Mohamed Abdi (Centre) endorsing Ugas Sheikh Mohamed (right) by holding hands preferred Candidate for Wajir Gubernatorial seat and Wajir East Constituency contender Member of Parliament Rashid Kassim (left) during Fai Community July 28th Declaration for 2017 elections.

As a Muslim, when taking an oath, we ask God to bear witness to the promise we make with an implicit expectation that he will hold us accountable for the manner in which we honour. In the Holy Quran there is a direct relationship between oath and what follows.

As I write this article therefore I must put myself under an oath that I will write what is true.

Generally speaking, as many will agree that the Kenyan political system is ethnically balkanised. You cannot divorce tribe from politics. Every politician needs a political Base. Charity begins at home and no politician in Kenya has ever made an impact without grassroots support.

In the Somali community it’s worse.  Clanism at it is best, which is the first determinant factor for one’s political muscle. For mwalimu’s case, he lost an important nomination and will not make an impact. This much hyped support from others is impossible, unworkable and unfeasible.

Secondly, politics is all about give and take you must have the numbers to negotiate. For instance, Uhuruto case for 2013 elections was classical example of successful community union that yielded good result. Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua are two other exemplars who ended up performing dismally after rejecting Uhuru’s nomination.

Mwalimu is moving in the same direction. He does not have the numbers to bargain with anybody. Therefore he will not be a liberality to any line up.

Thirdly, trust is an important aspect in life. It’s the glue of life and the most important ingredient in a person. The good old ambassador has lost this important principle.

Those of us who come from Tarbaj and Wajir East had covenant with him. He betrayed us and did something behind our back. It will be virtually impossible for him to get our support. Therefore, he cannot be a serious contender with almost zero votes from those constituencies. Unless he is up to something else best known to him.

Lastly on his candidature, mwalimu has lost track. He will also loose a reputation and that of his generation. He is unlikely to make any impact on the polls. The best the honourable ambassador can do is to apologize and join hands with his people. We still have the time and can work together. For those celebrating mwalimu candidatures, it’s a matter of time to realize you are in the losing end.

Decisions have been made and those votes are in the same basket. To our brothers in North, south and west we need you and we are ready to work with you.

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  1. Aflile

    MAM is heart-driven leader who identifies with the common man on the street and understands what the county needs on every level. The brand “Mwalimu Pekee” made a mark in the whole county and they only need his acceptance to contest as governor In Wajir. He is a likeable character who works for every one in the county not for the few. If your intelligence has given all this negative perception , the battle is long. Wajir county belongs to many communities including Fai and no one can claim to be dominant. I can only say you are suffering from superiority complex and wrong perception of “tyranny of numbers”. Mwalimu Pekee has beaten all odds when he lost by only 5000 stolen votes. Wajir county county have learnt a lesson through the hard way and mwalimu Pekee is the only Becon of hope.


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