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Where is Ahmey’s appointment letter Mr. Governor?

By Suleiman Hassan

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Governor Nathif chats with Mr. Ahmed on January 9, 2015

A young man from Garissa Mr. Ahmed Mohamed is yet to be employed by the County government of Garissa more than one month after Governor Nathif offered him the chance.

Nathif publicly made the promise on January 9, 2015 after launching a consignment of sanitary pads, sewing machines, wheel chairs and other goodies for the less fortunate members of the society in Garissa.

Ahmey’s offer was widely published both in the mainstream and social media but he came out strongly today and asked for explanation from the County government.

“Up to date, there is nothing that has been done. I would like the county press unit to respond to the lies they have said against me which is in the public domain” Ahmey wrote on his Facebook page.

He also protested at the way his condition was broadcast to the public and now wants apologies for the same.

“They should respond to why they are describing my physical appearance to the public” he said

At the function, Governor Nathif promised to uplift the living standards of people living with disability in the county.

“We are committed to make sure that people with disability are not undermined or neglected as has been the tradition by previous governments, we will give the necessary support because they are members of our society,” he said then.

However, if Mr. Ahmed’s case is anything to go by, disabled people in the county have nothing to celebrate.

Over to you Mr. Governor!

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