What has happened to NEP in the last 5 years?

By NepJournal July 21, 2017 09:22

By Salah Abdi Sheikh

Yes, I introduced the naming of the “Magaffes of NEP” to television.

  1. “Dowlad gobaleedki waa laqafaashay”. The County Governments were hijacked by a group of contractors and County Government employees close to the Governors and they literally carted away the loot. We are talking of hundreds of millions of shillings per individual. We call these guys “Magaffes” akin to the Libyan warlord who takes desperate refugees hostage to extract ransom from their families. Nothing escapes these guys, even toilets for ECD classes in an informal settlements attracts these vultures crowding out local people out of contention. Every clan has a “Magaffe” who has taken the members hostage and who: takes every contract, takes every opportunity for employment for his or her children and cousins, awards extra bursaries and scholarships to their families (A Magaffe’s child receives 100k when the ordinary kid gets 10k).
  2. In this election, the “Magaffes” are using resources and propaganda to tilt the balance again to their favour. The ones close to power are emptying the safes by giving themselves”golden handshake” contracts to parachute themselves out of County employment and launder their loot in some legitimately looking business in other parts of the country.
  3. In the last 5 years a phenomenon called, “overnight millionaire miracle” has arisen in NEP counties. People who didn’t own a wheelbarrow when they joined the County Public Service are now proud owners of bungalows and shiny cars. Ordinarily it is impossible to achieve such feat with the salaries and bonuses that such people earn. Meaning, there’s unfettered looting by everybody. This has attracted a lot of new entrants. Everybody wants access to these free resources. There is a stampede, that’s why people are willing to contribute as much as Ksh. 3 million to campaigns in the hope of getting an appointment if their preferred candidate is elected.
  4. Free money means free handouts and more beggars. In fact the real beggars have gone out of business because of competition. In Wajir for example everybody wants “something for war”. This county must be an incredibly thirsty place, where everybody is begging for water. People who earn salaries, own businesses, have children who are executives in high places still want that extra Sh. 1,000 for water. The abundance of looted money has turned our people into cheap beggars in beautiful clothes.


Salah Abdi Sheikh is a gubernatorial candidate for Wajir County. This unedited post was extracted from his Facebook page.

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By NepJournal July 21, 2017 09:22

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