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We are unbowed: Uhuru says Elade attack will only make Kenya stronger

By Abdihakim Mohamed:

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has said Kenya will emerge stronger as the country is engulfed by somber mood following the arrival of bodies of fallen heroes in last Friday’s deadly attack on KDF at Elade, Somalia.

Speaking when he addressed the nation from Mombasa where he has pitched tent since December, the president said every Kenyan stands with the families of the Kenya Defence Forces soldiers who laid down their lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice in the face of terror at El Adde in Somalia.

“Our fallen Heroes are returning home. The injured are in the care of our medical staff. As their Commander-in-Chief, and as a parent, my heart goes out to them, and to their grieving families. Let us come together in prayer for all of them” he said.

Uhuru said intense search, rescue and recovery operations were currently underway to bring home our fallen and our injured heroes.

The President sent a stern warning to Al-shabaab saying Kenya was determined and committed to pursuing them to ensure that they shall pay heavily for their crime.

“Our soldiers did not die in vain. We have over the years relieved millions of citizens of the Federal Republic of Somalia from the pitiless oppression of terror. Our efforts, together with those of other AMISOM peacekeepers, who also lost their lives, have enabled normal government operations to return in Somalia. We have all together contributed vitally to global peace and security” he said.

Uhuru said Kenya will emerge stronger and the attack only increase its resolve to stand with the international community to free Somalia from the oppression of terrorist groups.

“We are well aware peace and security have their price.  Our job is to minimize the risk to our people. I’m proud to say that our forces are ready to do their duty.  Their bravery is undimmed and for this, we, as a nation, are grateful to all of them” said Uhuru.

The president called for unity among Kenyans as the war demands the country sticks together as a nation to defeat its enemy.

“To all Kenyans, let us insist that our national security knows no politics, religion or ethnic boundaries: Only the unity and resolve of a peace loving people” he said.

“To those misguided elements, who think their cowardly actions have shaken us, let me tell them today that their actions have only made us stronger and emboldened us in our determination to defeat them” he added.

Uhuru said the fallen heroes will be honored and buried according to military regimental traditions.


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  1. Lomogol kabei christopher

    Wow! Our soldiers were more superior dan any others let them show alishabaab they are soldiers and they will never give up to them. And my words 2 my presdent uhuru kenyatta and general colonel commander of kdf is in my dreams was my best job in my career upto now i have finished my form four and i manage to score D + and i believe am qualified to join kdf side and am ready to fight with alishabaab at any angle…my names are as follows: lomogol kabei christopher and contact are 0700824953 thanks


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