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Water scarcity problem in Garissa persists

The shortage of clean water in Garissa County has brought with it a lot of problems for the residents of the county from which National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale hails.

No one understands the adage ‘when it rains it pours ‘more than the Garissa residents. If it isn’t famine then it is floods, the county experiences both extremes when it comes to the weather.

Even with the new government elected, things are still far from better in the county. Recently the residents have turned to donkey carts as a means of fetching water. The residents have been forced to walk for miles in search of clean water.

Many people within the county have been forced to drink low quality water from flowing streams which are contaminated. This has led to increased cases water-borne diseases. In some serious cases the infected people died.

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There are fears of disease outbreaks as hotels and other public places been forced to use very little water for cleaning.

Water scarcity is a long recurrent problem in the area and residents have been pleading with their leaders and the National Government Ministry of Water, GAWASCO, Northern Water Service Board and all well wishers to reach out and support Garissa County on finding long standing solutions to the water short problem.

Political leaders have used the water problem for the past years as a campaigning tool. The current Governor Ali Korane had promised to solve the issue within 100 days if elected.

Gawasco acting managing director Ahmed Aden said Garissa Town is budding fast, making it hard to supply adequate clean water to residents.

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