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War on terror intensifies as NEP leaders arrive in Mandera

By Suleiman Hassan

roba welcomes duale to Mandera - nepjournal

Welcome to Mandera: Governor Roba (in cap) welcomes Majority leader Aden Duale (right) as his namesake Aden Mohamed, CS industrialization and Garissa governor Nathif Jama look on

A high level delegation led by the Majority leader in the National Assembly Hon. Aden Duale and Cabinet Secretary for Industrilization Mr. Adan Mohamed arrived in Mandera today.

The delegation comprising of the entire North Eastern leadership ranging from Governors to Senators among other senior officials from the National Government are on a seven-day trip that started from Garissa all the way to Mandera in a fact finding mission following increasing terror threats in the North Eastern region and the country at large.

The leaders had a security meeting with the chiefs and their assistants and are scheduled to engage the Muslim scholars, elders, women, youths and the business community as well as opinion leaders.

NEP leaders in Mandera

NEP leaders in Mandera

Locals were urged to fight radicalisation of the youth and embrace nyumba kumi initiative which a campaign dubbed as know your neighbour.

The leaders shared security hotlines where residents can confidently submit information about any suspicious character in their midst.



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