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Wajir Taxi operators take to the streets over parking fees

By Farah Adan:

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Taxis line up along army road in wajir as cab drivers sought audience with County officials over newly introduced parking fees.


Business came to a standstill in Wajir town early today as hundreds of Wajir County tax operators took to the streets over what they termed as ‘exorbitant’ parking fees introduced by the County government’s revenue department.

The protests follow introduction of a Kshs 50 parking fees.

Efforts by the aggrieved cab drivers to seek audience with County officials bore no fruits forcing them to retreat to their areas of operations after hours of causing traffic snarl up in the busy town.

Mohamed Guled, a cub driver told NEP Journal that they were slapped with the parking fees without consulting them and consideration for their ability to pay the levies.

He said due to increased number of cabs in the town as well as introduction of cheap means of transport such as boda boda, some of them close business sometimes without serving a single customer in a day.

Locals praised the cab drivers for maintaining law and order as they fronted their grievances.

The county government has recently completed tarmacking of 25km stretch of roads in the town.

The levies are expected to boost income for the county administration which heavily relies on licensing as its sole income stream.


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