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Wajir residents urged to empower the disabled, treat the mentally disturbed

By Farah Adan:

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Residents of Wajir County have been urged to empower their disabled children and present mentally disturbed members of the community for treatment.

Speaking after gracing the County desert wheelchair race in Wajir town on Saturday morning, area Governor Ahmed Abdullahi said his administration has set up a psychiatric facility at the County referral hospital and urged residents to utilize it to the fullest.

Abdullahi said his administration will assist people with disability in terms of job and resource distribution.

The race which is an annual competition for the disabled people organized by the Northern Disabled People Organization – NONDO was won by Ahmed Muhumed Mohamed.

Mohamed Haji Ali and Mowlid Ibrahim emerged second and third respectively.

Participants were awarded with certificates of participation and will represent the county as the Wajir County Desert Wheelchair Race Team in a national competition to be held at Isiolo next month.

Other participants were Haretha Adan, Zeinab Adow, Muhamed Abdi Aden, Mohamed Abdi Osman, Ibrahim Abdullahi Abdi and Hassan Omar Hussein.

The event whose theme was Peace and Unity was supported by the County government, Save the Children and the Kenya Red Cross, Kenya Commercial bank, Equity bank and First Community bank.

Wajir County Assembly’s Committee for the disabled led by Mrs. Salatha, County First lady Rukia Abdinassir and other county officials were also present.

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In his address, Governor Abdullahi said his administration has enhanced service delivery at the County and highlighted achievements in the water and health sectors.

He said up to 130 boreholes have so far commissioned and all the Sub-County headquarters will have fully functional hospital theaters by October this year.

Abdullahi urged area residents to consider his achievements and vote him back to office.

“Whenever I go to functions and note my achievements, people tell me I am wasting my time dwelling on my development record because people are elected along tribal lines and handouts, I want was us to prove them wrong and show them that one can be elected based on his achievements” Abdullahi told the ecstatic crowds.

He said while certain communities were endorsing their own for the County top seat, he was banking on the goodwill of the entire communities living in Wajir to sail through, come the next elections.

The Wajir County gubernatorial seat is set to be among the hotly contested in the country with bigwigs declaring interests.

Ugash Sheikh was recently endorsed by the Fai community while former Wajir East MP and currently Kenya’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia Mohamed Abdi Mohamud has broken ranks with the endorsement by his Fai Sub-Clan of Ugas Sheikh and declared his candidature.

Academician Salah Abdi Sheikh is leading a youthful crop that is steering clear from the tribal alignments while already there is a talk of the ‘third force’ in the County as more candidates declare interest.



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