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Wajir peacemaker Mama Fatuma among heroes and heroines conferred with State honors

By NJ Correspondent:

President Uhuru Kenyatta congratulates Mama Fatuma Mohamed Mire, HSC after awarding her a Head of State Commendation.

Fatuma Mohammed Mire, a member of Wajir Women for Peace, a group that works with various communities to stop tribal violence in Wajir County is among heroes and heroines conferred with State honors and commendations during this year’s Jamhuri day celebrations.

President Uhuru Kenyatta gave the awards during a garden party at State House in celebration of the 53rd Jamhuri Day on Monday afternoon.

“I awarded Orders, Decorations and Medals of Kenya to individuals who have rendered outstanding and distinguished service to our beloved nation” Confirmed the President.

Mama Fatuma is a courageous, strong, soft spoken and respected mother, a woman who stands out in the peace work that was started in Wajir, Kenya dating back to the nineties during the infamous tribal clashes.

She worked along side notable peace makers in Wajir including the late Madam Deka and is the only woman elected into the group of elders for peace called Alfatah Elders consisting of 37 persons.

“She is a woman who is not paid a cent to do the work she does that gives her all the sleepless nights and all the walking from one end of the town to the other in the hot scorching sun of Wajir. She always has a smile on her face and a piece of advise and can also be fierce and tough if you trying to destroy the peace or not listening. I pray that I could get just some of the courage, determination and perseverance that she has” said Fiona Flintan, an author who once wrote about her activities.

Several other people from Wajir were also feted including politicians Abdirahman Ali Hassan (Senator) and Dr. Abdullahi Ali (former Wajir North MP).

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