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Wajir: Passenger goes missing in Somalia transit flight

By NJ Correspondent:

cargo plane offloads mira in somalia -nepjournal

A cargo plane offloads Miraa, a stimulant imported from Kenya at Somalia’s Adden Abdulle International airport in Mogadishu. Photo/File.

There was confusion at the Wajir international airport on Wednesday after one of the passengers in a transit flight from Somalia could not be accounted for.

It took police up to four hours to ascertain the whereabouts of the missing passenger whose luggage was found among passenger luggage.

Passengers including Somalia’s assistant minister for Health Osman Mohamed Abdi and State minister for Presidency Mahad Mohamed Salaad were among passengers inconvenienced by the mishap.

Minister Osman wrote on his Facebook page on the incident which he said made their trip a memorable one.

“Nairobi is so close yet that far depending on how your trip unfolds. I traveled with my colleague Mahad Mohamed Salad on a short but memorable trip. It was interesting that one of the passengers from Mogadishu could not be accounted for despite availability of his luggage. This incident delayed us” said the Minister in a post on his Facebook page.

He said despite amassing all the available security personnel and sniffer dogs around, the airport management could not trace the missing person.

“We were forced to board and alight several times, searched one by one, queued for hours but to no avail” he added.

The plane was however allowed to continue with its journey despite less the missing passenger whose name was visible in the passenger manifest, but not after spending four hours at the transit facility.

Planes from Somalia make a transit landing in Wajir for security checks before proceeding to Nairobi.


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