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Wajir leaders fault survey, cast doubt on its credibility

By Farah Adan

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Wajir North MP. Ibrahim Saney speaking in Bute on May 16 in an event to mark Wajir North sub-county education day

Leaders from Wajir County, some of whom were ranked bottom in a recent survey carried out by infortrak for the Daily Nation have come out guns blazing terming it unrealistic.

Wajir North MP Mr Ibrahim Abdi Saney dismissed the survey as simply an “opinion” that did not reflect the reality on the ground.

“The figures are not true and are just about maligning my name by showing that I am a failure,” the MP told the Nation by phone from his constituency.

“My performance will be rated by my constituents and I won’t mind about an opinion by someone sitting in an office in Nairobi” he added.

Saney scored 43.5 per cent in the Survey ending up in the bottom five in the survey in which Emuhaya MP Dr. Wilberforce Ottichilo emerged the best.

Infotrak said it interviewed 29,000 respondents countrywide, with at least 100 from each sub-county, between December 2014 and February 2015.

The MP received the unequivocal support of area residents led by local leaders and his community’s elites.

“We challenge the researchers to prove they actually reached this area and contacted the residents,” said Abdi Hassan, spokesman for the Ajuran professionals.

Hassan’s sentiments were echoed by Wajir Deputy Governor Abdihafid Yarrow who casted doubt about whether Infotrak really set foot in the area.


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