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Wajir leaders decry negative effects of boda boda, increasing number of drinking dens

By Farah Aden:

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Wajir East MP Abass Sheikh Mohamed addressing area residents at Orahey grounds during Wednesday morning’s Eid-ul-Fitr prayers.

Religious and political leaders in Wajir County have expressed concern over the negative effects of the thriving boda boda (motorcycle) transport sector in Wajir town.

Speaking at Orahey grounds when he joined area residents for Eid-ul-Fitr prayers, Wajir East Member of Parliament Abass Sheikh Mohamed said many school going children have dropped the pen for the bikes and blamed parents for helping their kids acquire motorbikes to fend for their families.

Mohamed said most of the youth were untrained and start riding after learning the basics from their colleagues leading to increased accidents in the town.

His sentiments were echoed by local Muslim scholar Prof. Nunow who asked women to avoid using this means of transport to safeguard their dignity and avoid falling off because of sitting sideways when riding.

Governor Ahmed Abdullahi who was in Makkah for Umrah sent his goodwill message which was conveyed by Sheikh Mohamed.

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Muslim Scholar Prof. Nunow speaking at the event.

Prof. Nunow also decried the increasing number of alcohol drinking dens in the town saying they were bound to spearhead promiscuity if left unchecked.

Nunow asked the government to regulate both businesses to protect young and school going children.

The scholar also highlighted a new crop of Ethiopian immigrants who trooped to the county in recent times undertaking casual jobs were indulging in social vices that were offending to the local people and urged them to respect the culture and religion of the locals.

He said locals welcomed the Ethiopians in good faith and warned them against abusing that hospitality.

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