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Wajir leaders and elders rubbish petition filed at the senate against County

By Suleiman Hassan

a section of Wajir MCAs addressing the press in Wajir. The are up in arms against the group calling itself WAJUF that has been on the heels of the county

a section of Wajir MCAs addressing the press in Wajir. The are up in arms against the group calling itself WAJUF that has been on the heels of the county

Members of the Wajir County Assembly have dismissed a petition filed at the senate by a group calling itself Wajir Anti-Corruption Forum.

Speaking in Wajir town on Saturday, the MCAs condemned the chairman of Wajir Anti-corruption Forum Mohamed Abikar and his team calling them idlers who are peddling lies in Nairobi.

County Assembly majority leader Mohamed Muhumed said the group has been busy trying to discredit Wajir County and have even been calling for the dissolution of the county for the last one year.

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Elders from all the sub-counties speak in Wajir on Saturday. They threw their weight behind the County government and blasted WAJUF

“Mohamed Abikar and his team are known political brokers for hire. In 2002 he was used by politicians to initiate a lobby against H.E President Uhur Kenyatta when he contested for the Presidency. Abikar chaired that fake lobby that called itself “Operation Anti Uhuru- OAU,” said Mohamed.

Wajuf letter

poster of a campaign initiated by head of WAJUF Mr. Abikar in 2002 against Current President Uhuru Kenyatta’s bid by then for the presidency. Wajir county MCAs dismissed Mr. Abikar as an extortionist for hire

The county assembly members called on the group that filed the petition at the senate to table their grievances at the county assembly if they have genuine complaints against the executive.

“We know the two politicians who are using these brokers to file what they are purporting to be a petition at the senate. Their interest is to arm-twist both the assembly and the executive of this county, but we will not allow them to practice in Wajir their extortionist habits which they are known to do at the national level,” said Yunis Hudow, Malkagufu MCA.

Elsewhere, over thirty elders from different sub-counties of Wajir today threw their weight behind the County administration condemning the petition filed at the Senate by members of Wajir Anti-Corruption Forum.

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Led by former Burder councillor Ibrahim Sheikh Omar, the elders claimed those behind the petition are enemies of Wajir County.

“The fact that they want development funds not to be released to the county is a clear indication that these guys want to sabotage the ongoing development projects in the county such as the tarmac roads,” said Mzee Ibrahim.

“Today if you visit Wajir town, you will find construction works going on in every part of this town, and we feel some politicians are envious that this project is executed by our able governor and that is why they want development funds frozen,” added Mzee Dukow.

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“Their aim is to divert the attention of the public from the ongoing flagship projects in the county such as the tarmac roads in Wajir which is the main talk of the town” added his voice Ibrahim Uurey ward representative Mr. Osman Abdille.

WAJUF has renewed its move to drag the county through the mad after a previous attempt has failed where the group published a series of unfounded claims last year in the local dailies using paid adverts.

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