Wajir Jubilee leaders cry foul over ‘fake degree’ saga, accuse Governor of ‘cheap politicking’

By NepJournal June 21, 2017 16:38

By NJ Correspondent:

A section of political leaders from Wajir county allied to the ruling Jubilee party have come out guns blazing against area Governor Ahmed Abdullahi accusing of being behind attempts to discredit their gubernatorial candidate Mohamed Abdi Mohamud.

Speaking at a press conference in Nairobi on Wednesday, the leaders said the governor Abdullahi has resorted to unconventional ways of discrediting his competitors especially the Jubilee gubernatorial candidate Mr. Mohamud after reports of the latter’s fake academic papers and a petition seeking to disqualify him emerged recently.

“Our Opponent through his Nairobi based advocates have instructed their counterparts in Kampala, Messrs. Arcadia Advocates to sue the jubilee gubernatorial candidate, Amb. Mohamed Abdi Mahamud and Kampala University where he attended for his bachelor’s degree” reads a statement by the leaders in part.

In a carefully executed move to roll back the ball to their detractors, the jubilee team paraded a Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdille who was quoted as the petitioner in the case seeking to disqualify Mohamud.

According to the group, Abdirahman has testified in the High court of Uganda to deny that he is the alleged complainant and that his particulars were forged by the said law firm.

They added he has since chosen to take legal action against the said law firm and their political opponents for using his particulars without his consent.

IEBC has also dismissed a complaint reportedly lodged by Abdirahman who has since sworn an Affidavit to disown ‘the imposter’.

“We have also instructed our legal team to pursue this matter and ensure the culprits of this forgery issue are brought to book. This propaganda was meant to defame our candidate and cause panic among our supporters,” the Jubilee team warned.

Governor Abdullahi has been given a run for his money with several notable personalities eyeing his seat in the coming elections including Jubilee’s Mohamud and Third way Alliance’s Salah Abdi Sheikh.

Abdullahi has been accused of totalitarianism in the management of county affairs by his former allies turned rivals who now side with Mohamud, a claim he has been vehemently denying instead accusing them of turning against him after failing to arm-twist him into giving in to their demands and personal agendas.

The jubilee side is now accusing the governor of intimidation of county employees and coercion of contractors in his bid to contain what they said was increasing opposition to his second term.

“Close to 50 key county personnel have been served with show cause letters and some already sacked. Pending payments of completed contracts are being used as a campaign tool to coerce contractors to toe the line or else” they said.

The group also accused the governor of embezzling county funds and illegal recruitment of county employees to gain political mileage.

They called on the relevant government agencies to investigate their claims of corruption and abuse of office by the governor.

MPs Abass Sheikh (Wajir East), Mohamed Elmi (Tarbaj), Adan Keynan (Eldas) and aspirants Mohamed Abdi Mohamud (Governor) Abdullahi Ali (Senator) and Halima Abdille (Women rep) and a handful of supporters and other leaders attended the press conference.

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By NepJournal June 21, 2017 16:38

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