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Wajir holds Desert Wheel race primaries ahead of annual event event

By Farah Adan

Wajir disabled wheel race-nepjournal

a participant powers his wheel chair in Wajir

Wajir County today held the desert wheel race primaries in a colorful ceremony graced by Governor Ahmed Abdullahi and host of senior county officials.

The event, whose theme was promoting access to education for nomadic child with disability, was organized by the County Assembly Committee on disability, chaired by Fatuma Yussuf and the department of Education, Youth, Gender and Social Services led by Habiba Hussein and her Chief Officer Mr. Abullahi Maalim in collaboration with the Northern Disabled Persons Organization – NONDO.

Mr. Mowlid Ibrahim Mohamed and Ms Haretha Adan took the first positions for the men and women’s races respectively.

Others who qualified were Ibrahim Abdullahi, Ahmed Mohamed and Mohamed Haji Ali.

Wajir are the current champions of the annual event which will be held in Isiolo in August 2015.

Wajir governor with disabled-nepjournal

Governor Ahmed Abdullahi congratulates a participant

Speaking at the ceremony to award participants and winners, Governor Ahmed Abdullahi said that his administration will support persons with disability as well as the Wajir County Desert Wheel chair race team who will take part at the annual event in Isiolo.

He added that they will promote access to education for children with disability.

Wajir disabled wheel race 2-nepjournal

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