Wajir Gubernatorial aspirant takes swipe at opponent over ‘demeaning remarks’

By NepJournal June 3, 2017 22:31

By NJ Correspondent:

Governor Abdullahi addressing a section of Masare clan members when he sought their support for his second term bid at a Wajir neighborhood.

Wajir County Gubernatorial aspirant Salah Abdi Sheikh has taken issue with remarks made by his opponent and incumbent Governor Ahmed Abdullahi at a family meeting in Wajir today.

“You should not waste your votes on Salah Abdi Sheikh” Abdullahi allegedly told members of Salah’s Masare clan when he sought their support at Wajir’s Ali Maow village Saturday afternoon.

Salah called the remarks “demeaning, degrading  disrespectful’ to him as well as the electorate opting to square the ball to the embattled governor.

“Votes are wasted on political aspirants who when elected by a largely poor electorate forget that fact only to realize after 5 years that the ground has shifted beneath their feet” he said.

“The Governor should ask for votes from the people without disrespecting any of the bids of any other candidate,” added the renown academician who is among six candidates eyeing Abdullahi’s seat in the upcoming elections.

Salah’s approach has been unique since he was not handpicked by his clan as most of his opponents instead banking on the goodwill of the larger electorate in a region that has seen tribal alignments take Centre stage in its political sphere.

“Officially there are six candidates in the race for Wajir Govenor cleared by IEBC. Yes; some are cleared by their clans, some by their money and others by motivation to serve” he said in his response to Abdullahi’s remarks.

Many believe the race to Wajir’s top seat was a three-horse race pitting incumbent Ahmed Abdullahi against Kenya’s former Saudi envoy Mohamed Abdi Mohamud who was anointed by his Fai clansmen and Ahmed Muhumed endorsed by the Ogaden clan.

Salah has however distanced himself from any tribal alignment and has been brushing aside any attempt at pushing him to that wall.

In his response to Abdullahi’s remarks, he said “The incumbent Governor can dream a world where he can wish away others but that world doesn’t exist. Such arrogance will cost him many votes and much respect from the people he gathered to convince”.

Governor Abdullahi has been holding meetings with local clans in a bid to woo them to his side even though each clan has been receptive to all contestants further complicating matters in the crowded political field.

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By NepJournal June 3, 2017 22:31

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