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Wajir governor unveils much awaited cabinet


The governor of Wajir county Mohamed Abdi Mohamud has on Wednesday unveiled the much awaited list of nominees for the county executive committee.

Mohamed Abdi Mohamu disclosed his list which comprises of 10 member cabinet.

In a statement the governor of Wajir said the nominees were carefully selected from hundreds of applicants who were interested in the top county jobs for the various dockets.

“These nominees were carefully selected from over 200 applicants” the governor said in statements.

He said he considered gender, regional balance and cultural diversity as criteria to come up with the 10 persons he nominated for the coveted job.

The list of the nominees includes-

  • Ebla Bashirhassan    -Office of the Governor, public service & decentralized unit and town administration
  • Daud Abdullahi        -finance and economic planning
  • Ismail sheikh Issack- Road & Transport
  • Ahmed Sharif bulle   -Agriculture & Livestock development
  • Hussein sugow  Gedi- Education,Gender ,culture and social services
  • Yussuf Abdi Gedi – Energy, environment and Natural environment
  • Rooney mayow Yussuf – Trade and ICT (E government cooperative tourism and wildlife\
  • Abdihakim Billownoor-  Health (medical services and public health)
  • Naema Ibrahim -lands physical planing, housing and public works
  • Abdihafidh Abdullahi- water services, sanitationirrigation and fisheries


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