Wajir Governor set to reshuffle his cabinet

By NepJournal May 27, 2015 09:29

Wajir Governor set to reshuffle his cabinet

By Suleiman Hassan

governor ahmed and governor nathif

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi (right) and his Garissa counterpart Nadhif Jamaa together with leaders from Northern Kenya addressing the media in Wajir at a past function

Two days after Garissa governor Nadhif Jama cracked the whip on four County Executive Committee Members, Wajir county governor Ahmed Abdullahi is set to follow suit.

Nep Journal has learnt from a source close to the governor that two CECs and a chief officer will be shown the door as governor Abdullahi continues to streamline service delivery at the county.

The source whose identity we cannot reveal told Nep Journal that the two CECs will be sacked for involving themselves in 2017 politics.

Reports have it that the chief officer who might also be axed immediately after the Madaraka day celebrations has got many complaints of mismanagement and office abuse.

Wajir County communications director Yahya Dahiye could not confirm or deny the said pending reshuffle. However, Dahiye refuted claims that some CECs are indirectly engaged in 2017 politics and that could cost them their jobs.

“The governor might do a reshuffle whenever he wants but claims of officers being engaged in politics are just baseless rumors,” Dahiye said.

However, Some critics believe this reshuffle is aimed at setting the stage for 2017 elections.

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By NepJournal May 27, 2015 09:29

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