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Wajir Governor procures health commodities for the county

Wajir Governor, Mohamed Abdi Mohamud was joined by the Senator Wajir County Hon Dr Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim, CEC Health Abdihakim , Director Procurement, KEMSA Mr. Charles Juma and other county officials in flagging of health commodities meant for Wajir County health facilities.

The counties and KEMSA have been making remarkable advancement in medical commodities provision and supply chain management since the devolution of healthcare in Kenya.

“Health commodities are integral part of any healthcare system. Improving access to essential health commodities is key to tackling ill health and reducing mortality rates. Essential health commodities save lives and improve health when they are available, affordable, of assured quality and properly used.” The Governor said through his social media handle.

“For this reason, Wajir County will progressively invest in healthcare and procurement of medical supplies in particular for its 112 functional public health facilities spread across the six sub counties. KEMSA has been our main supplier of essentials medical supplies over the last 4 years and we shall continue partnering with KEMSA in this area.” He further stated.

The Governor urged KEMSA to extend credit facilities whenever requested since counties are facing delays in disbursement of funds from national treasury. He also asked KEMSA to strictly control the quality of products supplied to facilities and conduct post market surveillance to guarantee the potency of drugs given to patients.

This move has been applauded by many who feel the Governor is on the right development track. Most residents took to social media to thank and congratulate the governor for a job well done.  Facebook user Dabar Dagane commented “Good work H. E Mohamed Abdi Mohamud and Dr.Abdullahi Ali Wajir county senator for your focused decision to be among the first counties to procure medicines for your people. Kudos “

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