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Wajir governor fails to testify in his election petition case

Wajir Governor Mohamed Mahamud failed to give his testimony in court during the hearing of his election petition.

The petitioners challenging the Governor’s win are now demanding an explanation for his failure to testify.

Lawyer Ombati Omwanza brought this up after the court finished taking testimonies from all the witnesses on Friday.

“Why is the governor not showing up in court and defend his election win. Is it because he will be humiliated before court on his questionable academic qualification?”

The Governor’s lawyer Tom Macharia presented a sworn affidavit by the governor saying it was not important because the county’s boss’ agents represented him

T”Section 57 of the Election Regulations crafts the position of chief agents in all constituencies. Since the chief agent has sworn, it is not necessary for the governor to appear in court and testify even though he swore an affidavit,” Macharia said.

The court ordered the parties involved in the case to file their submissions on December 13 after the governor failed to show up.

A jubilee agent testified before the court that ex-Wajir governor Ahmed Abdullahi lied that elections in the county were not free and fair.

Mohammed Abbas said there was no voter pay-off as assumed by the ex- county boss adding that he supervised voting all through the day.

The Jubilee agent said form 37B were being used to declare the results and said he had also been monitoring the voting and results transmission.

The petitioners are seeking to nullify Mahamud’s win in the August 8 general election on basis that the governor is not competent.

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