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Wajir Governor set to conduct study on gum and resin in the county

Earlier today Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud met with representatives from Finland Church Aid who will carry out a study on gums and resins in Wajir County.

The study will be carried out in partnership with the County Government.

Wajir is the highest producer of these two products in the country justifying the construction of a processing plant at Lanbiib, 6kms outside Wajir town.

Pastoralists use crude methods to harvest gums and resins which causes over-harvesting and drying up of tree. The governor promised that his government is committed to establishing a well-resourced department on alternative livelihoods which will deal with such resources as gums, resins and aloevera, among others.

The gum is used in the food and pharmaceutical industriesGum and Resins are used for medication, food, additive to soft drinks, confectionery, pharmaceutical, adhesive, for making paint & printing color among others. Africa supplies over 95% of the world gum Arabic requirements with Sub-Sahara Africa being a key player in the international trade of commercial gums and resins

Gums and Resins are unique since they are produced naturaly in 8 Counties namely: Garissa, Isiolo, Mandera, Marsabit, Moyale, Samburu, Turkana and Wajir.

The Governor move has been applauded with many saying that it is a great development project for the county.  A facebook user by the name Abdirizak Jelle commented saying   ‘’ Funding harvesters to plant more trees…will help the county to produce more and at the same time helping fight desertification. It’s just a matter of a willing heart”

The project has also led to some people criticizing the governor for involving church leaders. A face book user took to his media account to express his thought on the matter.   Brajapti Brajapti Sognodal  said “Church leaders??  What do they have to do with gums and resins? This means you and your computer generated leaders this is first step you have started looting. I have never had this resource in your dockets or any governments talking about gums. This belongs to the poor people of wajirians citizens Church leaders are suppose to meet with their  Christians in the county but not in the government projects”

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