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Wajir Girl’s Shamsa tops Wajir County

Shamsa Ali Haji-Nepjournal

Shamsa Ali Haji, Wajir County’s top student in last year’s KCSE examinations. She scored A- (76 points)


By Suleiman Hassan

Shamsa Ali Haji has emerged the top student in Wajir County in last year’s KCSE examinations.

Shamsa from Wajir Girls Secondary is the first girl to top the county with a mean grade of A- (76 points).

Attributing her success to discipline, piety and hard work, Shamsa expressed her gratitude to her parents, teachers and fellow students.

She is the daughter of the late Sheikh Ali Hajji Abdalla, a leading religious scholar and founder of ICF primary school, AMA primary school and Madarasatul Itisam among other educational institutions in Wajir County.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Adullahi while congratulating Shamsa announced that the county will fully sponsor her university education. He added that they will also support all students who will make it to universities from the County.

Governor Abdullahi attributes the county’s improved educational standards to the joint mock examinations for both KCSE and KCPE candidates introduced by his administration.

He assured Wajir residents that his government will continue to invest heavily in education.

The results have improved this year and only one public school was affected by examination irregularities in Wajir County.

Counties in the North eastern region recorded the highest in gender disparity in the 2014 KCSE exam.

In Garissa, 72 % of the candidates were boys and girls were at only 28 % boys while in Mandera it was at 71 % for male and 29 % females.

If this statistics is anything to go by, a shining performance from a girl from this region is not a walk in the park. In this regard, Nepjournal congratulates Shamsa and appeals to all the girls in North Eastern to follow her foot steps.


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