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Wajir footballer scouted during Siyad tournament lands professional contract

By Farah Adan:

One of the two Wajir footballers whose talents were spotted during the Siyad tournament held in 2016 has landed a professional contract with Kenya premier league side Ushuru FC.

Abduqalik Mohamed Elmoge was picked by Harambee stars coach Stanley Okumbi who was among guests who witnessed the final match of the tournament and has already featured in the National under – 20 team.

The three year contract will see Elmoge draw a monthly salary of Kshs 100,000 and bonuses of Kshs 3,000 and Kshs 8,000 for a draw or win respectively.

Ushuru FC is owned by the Kenya Revenu Authority.

The side’s Head coach Kenneth Kenyatta officially unveiled the player at a colorful ceremony held in Nairobi on Saturday.

Event sponsor Mr. Siyad Patni hailed the players escapades and urged fellow youth to emulate his successful footballing career.

“I cordially invite and encourage all the youths to take part and participate in such activities because talent pays and one has to try it out for future good life” said Haji Siyad famously known as Siyad Patni.

Patni sponsored the event to create awareness among the youth on the effects of Violent Extremism and Terrorism.

Youth in the region have welcome the initiative.

“Many talented youths all over the country miss such opportunity due to lack of exposure to the national level. The recently concluded Haji Cyad peace tournament has yielded many fruits” said Haji Omaarey Osman.

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The youthful businessman is known for his philanthropic gestures and has also helped initiate other initiatives including construction of mosques and payment of hospital bills for the less fortunate members of the society.

Barcelona FC emerged the winners during the finals played at the Wajir Stadium on November 5, 2016 after beating their arch rivals Manchester United on penalties.

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