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Wajir County MP celebrates Uhuru’s birthday with inmates

By NJ Correspondent:

A section of Wajir County residents today witnessed a rare occurrence after area Women representative Fatuma Gedi celebrated President Uhuru’s birthday with inmates at the Wajir GK Prison.

Gedi casted her vote for the President before heading to the prison to celebrate the president’s birthday with the inmates.

She also distributed sanitary pads, soap and other laundry products to the women inmates.

“This is an important day for all Kenyans given that we have been called upon to exercise our democratic rights. For the president, it is more important day since his re-election coincided with his birthday,” she said.

Gedi pledged to put special focus on matters affecting women especially issues around the rights and social needs of women inmates.

Her actions, which came in the wake of the repeat presidential elections that coincided with the President’s birthday, attracted praise and castigation in equal measure.

“What an irony! Her own constituents are dying of hunger and thirst,” said a resident who identified himself as Mohamed Weli.

“Kwani watu ya wajir wali elect yeye afanye nini? (What was the reason the people Wajir voted for her in the first place?) There are so many issues affecting Wajir women, sycophant said another resident Ifrah Abdi.

Ms Gedi famously known as her Kabambay and elected on a PDR party ticket, an affiliate party of the ruling Jubilee coalition, however received the backing of other residents who believed she was entitled to express her support for the president in any way she could.

“Good leadership style and for those who are commenting negatively respect please. Am sure she will provide good services to the people Wajir County” Abdi, a local resident said of the incident.

It is not permissible to celebrate birthdays in Islam and such celebrations are rarely witnessed in places like Wajir where residents are predominantly Muslim.

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