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Wajir County marks World water day in Arbajahan

Wajir county government yesterday marked this year’s World water day in Arbajahan by commissioning a borehole in the town.

Governor Ahmed Abdullahi, his deputy Abdihafid and host of other leaders toured the town to commission the water project and inspect other development projects.

governor taking water from borehole

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi taking water from the borehole

The Governor appealed to the residents to keep the facility in good shape and take care of it because digging a borehole in the area is not an easy task. “You have to dig up to 200 meters to reach water” he said.

The Governor said that his government has undertaken several projects in the town aimed at improving the living standards of the locals.

He said the borehole will help in maintaining peace and tranquility in the town and surrounding areas because residents will no longer move from this town to neighboring centers in search of water. This he said brought inter – clan warfare because of the scarcity of this important commodity.

Solar panels will be used to pump water from the borehole. “This technology was previously used by Oxfam and it proved reliable” assured the Governor.

sola panels in arbajahan

The solar panels that will be used to pump water from the borehole

And today the Governor and his entourage headed to Buna where they officially opened the New Masjidul Nuur. The Governor was accompanied by his deputy Abdihafid Yarrow, Wajir North M.P. Abdi Saney and former Wajir North M.P. Mohamed Gabow.

The mosque was built by businessman Haji Ahmed Sheikh Abdullahi (Yare) who hails from the area.

Buna mosque

The Governor and his deputy at the new mosque

The governor and his entourage later inspected development projects in the town. He said that his government is building a new hospital and will improve the drainage system of the town.

He also said that they will build a bridge at the entry point of the town.

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