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Wajir County marks International day for persons with disabilities in style

By Farah Adan, Wajir.

Wajir Deputy Governor hands over a wheel chair to a disabled person at the event

Wajir Deputy Governor Abdihafid Yarrow (center) hands over a wheel chair to a disabled person at the event.

The County Government of Wajir in collaboration with Northen Nomadic Disabled Persons Organization (NONDO) today organized a colorful event in Wajir to mark this year’s International day for persons with disabilities.

Led by the deputy Governor Abdihafid Yarrow, the teams from both sides had a lot of goodies for the disabled residents of the town.

The County disability SACCO was launched in order to empower the disabled economically.

The second in Command in the County Government of Wajir also handed out Wheelchairs donated by the disabled body – NONDO.

In his address, the Deputy Governor noted that Wajir was very accommodative to the disabled people since his Government reserves tenders for the disabled while giving them equal employment opportunities.

These sentiments were echoed by the NONDO team who said Wajir has so far been the most promising County compared to others in Northern Kenya in terms of integrating PWDs in County development processes.

NONDO is a Public Benefit Organization (BPO) that advocates for the inclusion and participation of persons with disability from Northern Kenya in the society. It is the first disabled persons organization (BPO) to exclusively target Northern Kenya.


Wajir County’s Executive Committee Member for ICT Ms Rukia Ahmed is one of the founding members of the organization and serves in its Board of Directors.

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NONDO also took part in the National event held at KICC. The theme of this year’s event was ‘Sustainable development: The promise of technology’.

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