Wajir County to construct 7 hay shades to cushion livestock from biting drought

By NepJournal May 24, 2014 13:31

Wajir County to construct 7 hay shades to cushion livestock from biting drought

By Nepjournal Correspondent and WCGPS:


Wajir County Agriculture and Livestock CEC

Mr. Abdirahman Ibrahim, CEC Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Wajir County

The County Government of Wajir is undertaking the construction of 7 hay shades in the county to cushion livestock keepers from biting droughts.

The shades will be constructed in Buna, Hadado, Eldas, Girfitu, Diff, Khorof Harar and Barwaqo with a capacity of 10,000 to 15,000 bales each to boost the county’s strategic hay reserve.

The project was launched by the County CEC for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Mr. Abdirahman Ibrahim.

Mr. Ibrahim said that the distribution of hay bailing equipment, wheelbarrows and Knapsack sprayers is on need basis for purpose of scaling up strategic hay reserves to minimize effects of drought on livestock.

The department of livestock is also undertaking the construction of an ultra-modern livestock market to boost livestock trade in the county and open it up for the International market.

“We offer all these alternative solutions to our people, we are also distributing burdizzos, we have trained 900 livestock keepers on modern animal husbandry, animal health, marketing and conservation practices of rangeland, sensitization of herders on climate change and adaptations, distribute wheelbarrow and farm tools.”, Said ibrahim.

Hey shade

a hay shade in Wajir

Chief Officer of Agriculture, livestock and Fisheries Mr. Adan Dahiye urged residents of the County to seriously take up Agriculture and livestock keeping in order to boost the economy of the county and make it food secure.




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By NepJournal May 24, 2014 13:31

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