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Wajir County gets a lion’s share in Ambassadorial appointments

Mwalimu pekee and rukia subow

Mrs. Rukia Subow (left), Mr. Mohamed Abdi Mohamud (Center) and Mr. Enow in a strategy meeting during the last general elections in Wajir county. The trio were Jubilee Coalitions’ flag bearers as Women rep., Governor and Senator respectively

By Suleiman Hassan,

Two politicians from Wajir County were yesterday nominated as ambassadors by President Uhuru Kenyatta making the County the only beneficiary from North Eastern.

In an exercise largely seen as rewarding political allies, the President nominated Former Minister and Wajir East MP Mohamed Abdi Mohamud as Kenya’s representative in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The media caused confusion after reporting him as the former Moyale M.P delaying celebrations in Wajir County. Such appointments would otherwise come with huge celebrations that characterized his reign.

Mr. Mohamud’s relationship with the president dates back to the days of KANU and was one of the first politicians to accept Uhuru Kenyatta as KANU’s then flag bearer after he was hand picked by former president Moi.

Mohamed Abdi largely known as ‘Mwalimu Pekee’, a slogan he fondly uses during elections, was one of the contestants for the Wajir County gubernatorial seat. He vied on a URP ticket and spearheaded the Jubilee coalition’s campaigns in the County but was thrashed by ODM’s Ahmed Abdullahi.

In the second appointment, the president nominated Mrs. Rukia Subow to represent Kenya in Tehran. She is the immediate former boss of Maendeleo ya wanawake organization and vied for the Women rep. position in Wajir County on a TNA ticket.

ODM made a clean sweep in Wajir County in the last general elections apart from Wajir East where URP’s Abass Sheikh Mohamed a.k.a Abass KK carried the day.

However, the County used to be a stronghold of KANU and later on PNU. The president’s move could therefore be seen as move to woo back the residents of the County.


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