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Wajir County Commissioner announces 30 days extension on Curfew

By Farah Adan

Wajir County

a previous function at Wajir County’s famous Qorahey grounds

The dawn to dusk curfew imposed on Wajir County has been extended by 30 more days, Wajir county commissioner Mr. Fredrick Sishia has announced today.

In a press briefing, the commissioner said that several suspects and sympathizers were arrested in the short time the curfew was in place.

Ever since it was imposed, the curfew has not only improved security in the area but also social cohesion.

Women in the county are a happy lot as their sons and heads of the families arrive home early contrary to the norm where youth used to spend much time in sports dens while men would spend time with their colleagues having tete-a-tete over the green twigs (Khat) which is the only drug largely consumed in the area.

The town has also enjoyed relative calm and no terror incident was reported for the last one month.


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