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Wajir clans given two weeks to surrender arms or face government action

By Farah Aden:

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North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh

Two clans that were involved in a recent armed conflict in Wajir County have been given up to fourteen days to surrender all illegal firearms to the government or face forceful disarmament.

Speaking after leading local leaders and security officials in a public baraza (meeting) in Buna to seek solutions to the persistent tribal clashes in the area, North Eastern Regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh gave elders from the Degodia and Ajuran clans a two week ultimatum to ensure illegal firearms were surrendered to the government or risk security operations.

The RC sent a stern warning to those fueling the clashes saying their days were numbered. He cautioned chiefs in affected areas against sleeping on the job as they will be held responsible once an incident occurs in their areas of jurisdiction.

Eldas MP. Aden Keynan said they will not sit back and watch as the area turns to a battle ground calling on the government to take action against the culprits.

“Those behind the attacks should be treated as criminals and should not be allowed to tarnish the names of leaders or communities” he said.


Eldas MP Aden Keynan

Keynan took a bold step and apologized to the Deputy Governor of Wajir Abdihafidh Yarrow who was recently ambushed as he was heading to an affected area to quell tension.

His Wajir North counterpart Ibrahim Saney asked the Regional coordinator to come in with full force saying he did not need invitation from any quarters to do so.

Saney wants the government to launch operations in the area to disarm those in possession of illegal arms.

He pointed out Dela, Korondille, Basir and Malkagufu as the four wards with most problems of insecurity.

On the same note, the Regional Coordinator gave a shoot-to-kill order for those found with arms and directed all vehicles plying the Wajir – Moyale road be given armed escort.





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  1. Abukar A.H.

    Your days are numbered !!!
    It is never wise to ask for the needle that is placed before you broad day light. The Somali proverb goes ” Mas mathaxa aya laga’dilaa” (A snake is easily killed by hitting the head). When the reality is ignored, problems ussualy zerograze and periodically recure.


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