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Wajir clan members report cop

TWO residents of Wajir have filed a formal complaint against police officer Ahmed Rashid Hassan.

Yussuf Gure Ahmed and Abdirashid Ali Mohamed want the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo to investigate and take necessary action against Rashid, who is attached to the Traffic department.

The two have accused Rashid of inciting the people of Wajir South subcounty to take up arms and defend themselves against the people of Lagdera subcounty.

“The officer has continuously engaged in flaring tribal conflicts and animosity through posts on his Facebook account,” the two say in a letter to Kimaiyo.

Rashid is accused of posting inciting posts and hateful messages on his private Facebook account and on a clan Facebook page Maqabul Global Network_voice of the Mks.

“We are pleading with your office to investigate and take necessary action for the sake of peace and security and harmonious coexistence of neighbouring communities in the two sub counties,” says the letter to Kimaiyo.

The letter, dated May 6, 2014 and received in the IGP’s office two days later, contains excerpts of Rashid’s posts.
In one of the posts, the officer describes as cowards members of his own clan who do not want to revenge the killing of one of their own.

He is also quoted as warning a rival clan: “Those who killed our brother we are not cowards but we shall face you and defend ourselves”.

In yet another post on May 5, Rashid gives the name of a man he suspected killed a member of his clan. “This guy (name withheld) was confirmed as the guy who also killed hamesa and injured the other guy. Mks should look for this guy and bring his body to me I just need his liver for a strong breakfast.”


– The Star


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