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Wajir Chiefs face death threats from al-shabaab militants

By Farah Adan

chief jama nur

Chief Jama Nur

Chiefs in Wajir county are having sleepless nights after al-shabaab militants sent some of them intimidating phone calls and text messages and raided the home of chief Jama Noor.

Up to 6 armed men gained entry to his home last night after two of them jumped over the fence but he luckily sneaked out of the back door after sensing danger.

Confirming the incident in an interview with NTV, Chief Jama Noor said that a team of security officers comprising of military and RDU reached the scene immediately and engaged the gunmen who managed to flee.

Wajir county commissioner Mr. Fredrick Sishia said that threats to those who take part in the war on terror was anticipated but assured Chiefs that the government will beef up their security.

He added that the government will arm the Chiefs and recruit up to 10 police reservists for each one of them.

Following the deadly terror attack on Garissa University college that claimed the lives of 147 people, Leaders from the North Eastern region recently announced that Chiefs will be tasked with overseeing the war on terror at the grass root level.

As a result, the administrators came under increasing threats by the militants who also killed their colleague in Mandera on April 23.

The Chief of Arabia location in Mandera Mr. Muktar Maalim a.k.a Otieno was abducted and later killed as he traveled to Mandera on official assignment.


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