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Wajir administrators to evict traders from Orahey Ground

This morning the Wajir town administrators issued a 14 day notice of eviction of all the illegal structures built in Orahey Ground.  Wajir Town Admin Mr. Nasir Harun along with by Wajir County Commissioner CEC and PS office of the Governor visited Orahey Ground where a number of illegal structures were erected.

Mr Harun spoke to the traders at Orahey ground and urged them to stop erecting illegal makeshifts kiosks at night. He explained to them that Orahey is a protected area registered under Kenya National Museum.

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“For the last three months, several illegal structures were erected at night time. This is a Government Protected Site registered under Kenya National Museum. Therefore, all the structures erected at Orahey ground are illegal and will be removed with immediate effect”. Mr. Harun said.

“We are exercising vigilance in the eviction, you are informed that notice of 14 days beginning  from today is given of which you are obligated  to leave failure to which you will forcefully evicted with cost”, he added.

CEC office of the Governor MR. Sharif also cautioned against illegal car wash done in Orahey water point.”This place is a water reserve point. Contaminating this water point will affect all the shallow wells in Wajir town as this water can travel a radious of 9KM therefore can cause cholera and other waterborne diseases”. Said Mr. Sharif.

The county Commissioner said this decision is meant to guaranteeing safety of the public, maintenance of hygiene and that all illegal car washes, outlets, and makeshift shops erected or installed inside Orahey ground will be brought down according to Notice Issued by the town administrators.


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