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Waare elected the president of Hirshabelle region state


The Parliament of Hirshabelle State has elected Mohamed Abdi Waare as the new president of the region, Mohamed was declared the winner after receiving 74 votes.

The newly elected president of Hirshabelle was sworn in minutes after winning the highly contested seat of Hirshabelle State, an autonomous region in south-central Somalia North of Galmudug region state.

According to the announcement, Parliament Speaker Hir-Shabelle, Sheikh Osman Barre, Mohamed Abdi Waare, received 74 votes, while his closest candidates Dahir Abdulle Awale, received 23 votes.

The election took place peacefully, the region forces and AMISOM were on high alert to counter any security threats.

The Parliament of Hirshabelle State has on August ousted President Ali Abdullahi Osoble on a vote of no confidence.

Mohamed Abdi was elected in October 17, 2016 as the first President of Hirshabelle state by the regional lawmakers, following an election in Jowhar, the interim administrative capital of the Somali Federal state.

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