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Village restaurant owner, UN agree terms on lifting ban

By NJ Correspondent:

Ahmed Jama’s Village Restaurant is among the few Somali-owned businesses in the fortified Halane base in Mogadishu. Photo/File.

The owner of Mogadishu’s Village Restaurant has a reason to smile after the UN signaled willingness to address a crisis emanating from a recent advisory that affected his business.

The famous joint located inside the city’s fortified Halane camp served UN staff among others as well travelers but was recently shut after the UN issued an advisory seen as a security measure.

The issue, which has taken social media by storm taking twists and turns, saw the owner cry fowl over the advisory blaming it on business rivalry.

Reports indicate a UN security team held talks with the owner on Wednesday and agreed the ban will be lifted once the necessary security arrangements were put in place.

Owner of the hotel Ahmed Jama recently appealed against the decision by writing to the UN and local leaders.

“I came back from the UK and suffered a lot in setting up and operating this business. I have employed more than 150 employees contributing positively to the economy of this country,” he said in a recent appeal.

Jama blamed business rivalry for his woes although the UN’s advisory was informed by imminent risks since the restaurant has suffered two deadly attacks previously.


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