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Use social media responsibly

By Hassan.

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, to name but just a few form the so called social media. Here, everyone can express what he wants and therefore, social media can be used either to make life better or worse.

Users who share certain interests can form groups and fan clubs where they articulate what they want. Movements the World over used the social media for updates and giving direction. For example, Social media played a great role in the infamous Arab uprising that ousted erstwhile untouchable leaders like Hosny Mubarak of Eqypt, Zain  El- Abidin- bin Ali of Tunisia and the late Muammar Gadaffi of Libya.

In my region of North Eastern, I was expecting the formation of groups that would change the lives of Northerners for the better, while many have to tried to form such groups, in most instances they are left un-moderated and they degenerate in to tribal groupings where reer hebel takes on reel hebel (Clanism). I am always lost for words when I see what some one will post in a public forum. Something that will add absolutely no positive contribution to our lives.

Such forums need to be moderated and users encouraged to post constructive agendas. I have the following suggestions to make such groups better:

  • Never allow users with funny names to join the group. Allow only the ones that have registered with their real names.
  • Never allow users with animals, plants, or other graphics as their profile pictures.
  • The administrators should always moderate the group’s activities and expel any body who preaches anything negative.
  • The admins must encourage members to discuss issues that will bring positive change to our lives by initiating topics of discussion.
  • Form groups that will have positive impact. For example, Form a group called North Eastern Secondary Students where students and teachers of secondary schools can share questions and answers, motivate each other and organize inter – school online competitions.

In conclusion, let me urge my brothers and sister in North Eastern to form groups that will change our lives for the better. Let us not advance tribal interests or abuse each other or each other’s tribes. No tribe is better than the other but a person can be better than another.



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