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US, UK in stern warning to nationals seeking Somalia leadership positions

By NJ Correspondent:

UK envoy Harriet Mathews and NUSOJ Secretary General Mohamed Moalimu phose for a photo previously. Both the UK and USA have active missions in Mogadishu. Photo/Courtesy.

In what is as a move largely targeting their naturalized citizens seeking leadership positions in Somalia, the United States and the United Kingdom missions in the country have sent a stern warning to their citizens overseas over indulging in corruption.

In a tweet, the US Mission said the US was committed to credible electoral process in Somalia adding that “grave instances of corruption by US citizens overseas are punishable under US law.”

Outgoing British envoy to Somalia Harriet Mathews retweeted saying the UK Bribery Act also applies to British Nationals overseas.


The warnings come in the wake of hue and cry following the ongoing national elections in Somalia which were fully completed although both houses of parliament was sworn in on Tuesday at a colorful ceremony in Mogadishu.

Most leaders and those seeking leadership positions hold foreign citizenship largely taken up after the collapse of central government in Somalia in the early nineties rendered the Somalia passport unrecognized throughout the World.

Things are however improving in the Horn of Africa country. For the first time since the country degenerated into anarchy, elections were held outside Mogadishu, albeit indirectly where clan delegates chose members of parliament who will in turn elect the next president.

The Presidential elections were however postponed for the fourth time due to incomplete electoral process.

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