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US government congratulates President Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto

The US Government has congratulated President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto after their inauguration ceremony yesterday.

In a written statement, the US said it is really looking forward to strengthening and renewing the bilateral partnership with Kenya in the years coming.

The US government also spoke regarding its concern over the continuing political tensions in the nation and use of needless power against citizens by law enforcement officers.

It appealed for national dialogue as part of the procedure of tackling these tensions.

“We advise Kenyans to join together to hold an instant, continued, and open national conversation to mend separations between communities.

“We persuade all Kenyans to come together at this decisive moment and to work together amicably and uphold the constitution,” the statement read.

While stressing common ground the two countries, the US said it will carry on working with all Kenyans dedicated to building democracy, advancing prosperity, and strengthening security.

Mr. Kenyatta was sworn in for his second and last five-year term at Kasarani stadium in Nairobi on Tuesday.

In his induction speech, he said that his presidency would endeavor to bring together Kenyans, heal the nation and set up lasting peace and justice under the law.

He said: “I undertake to be the custodian of the dreams of all and to be the keeper of the aspirations of those who voted for me and those who did not. I will dedicate my time and energy to build bridges to unite and bring prosperity to all.”

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