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US diplomat,Donald Yamamoto visit to push for dialogue in Kenya

A top US government on African affairs has been sent to Kenya in a bid to push for dialogue between Raila and President Kenyatta.

Donald Trump Government issued a statement confirming that interim assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto will be in the state for three days from December 4.

“He will meet up with representatives of the Kenyan government, as well as with Kenyan civil society.

The trip will egg on all sides in Kenya to take part in a national discourse after the presidential election,” says the announcement from the office of the US government representative.

The political tension in the country has been plain from the August 8 presidential election when the results were invalidated by the Supreme Court.

The divide deepened when Nasa decided to boycott the Oct 26th election in which President Uhuru was declared the president.

Mr Kenyatta was later sworn in on November 28th, as Raila swore not to acknowledge him as a legitimate president.

Mr Raila instead revealed his plan to be sworn in on Dec 12th

Prior to coming to Kenya, Mr Yamamoto visited Somalia and is afterward planned to head to Ethiopia from December 7 to 9.

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