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Uproar over thatched greenhouse officially opened by Mandera Governor

By Nepjournal Correspondent:

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A section of Mandera county residents have taken issue with one of the projects commissioned by Mandera governor Ali Roba on March 8, 2016 during his tour of Banisa Sub-county.

The ‘Greenhouse’ was a project of Gurdis women group but fully funded by the County government to the alleged tune of Shs18M, a figure we could not independently verify.

Locals took issue with the project saying the ‘Greenhouse’ was made of locally available tree branches and did not befit the name ‘Greenhouse’ as well as the amount said to have been invested by the County government.

Speaking to Nep Journal on phone, Mohamed, a resident of Mandera town, said it was unfortunate for the governor to officially open a project that did not live up to its name.

He said the County administration must make public the amount of funds it injected into the project.

Contacted for comment, senior county administration staff refuted the claims saying the project was not all about the fence made of locally available tree branches where the commemorative plague was pasted.

They said those who posted the photo of the plague on social media explicitly ignored photos of the real greenhouse.

Roba was accompanied during the tour by legislatures Mohamed Aden Huka (Mandera South), Mohamed Abdow Haji (Banisa) and County women representative Fathiya Mahboub. Several County executive members as well as members of county assembly (MCAs) from Banisa Sub-county.


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