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UN to develop dairy industry in Somalia


The United Nations pledged to develop a dairy industry in Somalia to help young entrepreneurs develop technological solutions.

This follows after a 7 day Social Innovation Camp held at the capital of Somalia, they youth were challenged to come up with ideas to solve their  social and economic issues they facing them, their idea for the challenges was satisfactory and was picked.

The 7 day event of Social Innovation Camp brought together over 40 young Somalis who discussed new ideas.

UN Secretary-General for Somalia, Peter de Clercq said the ideas by the 40 Somali young men and women were of top high notch.

“We have to see how we can support people like you with all these amazing ideas and see how we can push forward and put them into practice and make them contribute to the economy of this country,”

On their part the government of Somalia has  lauded the event and welcomed the group innovative move.

Gamal Hassan the Minister for Planning, Investment and Economic Development in Somalia said the ministry will give the group the necessary help they will need.

“We have been working with the UN in Somalia to make sure that together we give you an opportunity to come up with solutions and ideas that can benefit the country and all of us. We are together in this and we will give you all the support that you need,” Hassan stated.

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