Uhuru’s Facebook post on Wajir leaders amended after grouping all area MPs as opposition members

By NepJournal March 6, 2017 23:38

Uhuru’s Facebook post on Wajir leaders amended after grouping all area MPs as opposition members

By NJ Correspondent:

A screen shot of the earlier post.

A post on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official Facebook page was today amended after it earlier grouped all Wajir leaders as opposition members.

Social media users took issue with the post after Wajir East MP Abass Sheikh Mohamed was mentioned as an ODM member of parliament. Abass was elected on the defunct URP party of Deputy President William Ruto which has since merged with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA to form the Jubilee party.

Facebook users raised the red flag!

“Hon. Aden Keynan Wehliye, Hon. Mohamed Ibrahim Elmi and Hon. Abass Sheikh Mohamed today led the Degodia community to the Jubilee Party saying they can longer continue being in the opposition. The three Wajir ODM Members of Parliament led a delegation to State House that included 15 Wajir County MCA’s led by their speaker Bishar Omar” read the post in part.

The same was later amended to omit the ODM membership.

It followed a meeting the president held with a delegation of Wajir leaders from the Degodia community at State house Monday morning. The team assured the president of defecting to his Jubilee party.

The amended post

Eldas MP Aden Keynan said area leaders trooped to the opposition during the last general election for the purpose of uniting all communities in Wajir under one political party.

“We don’t want to make a mistake, the coalition for the county government which we are making, similar to the one for 2013 was deliberate. We didn’t want to leave any family behind. Even this time round, we want to elect Governor Mohamed Abdi with an inclusive government” said Keynan.

President Uhuru welcome the delegation which he said was joining his party because of the development agenda being implemented by his government.

“It has been my desire all along to work with the people of Wajir for the sake of unity and stability in the region. The most important thing in development is unity and stability since where there is no unity and peace, there can be no development. We applaud Wajir County for resolving to join the Jubilee Party which is the winning team” said the President.

President Uhuru last week hosted in the same venue another delegation from the Ogaden community of Wajir South as he seek to woo the County whose current crop of leaders were largely elected on opposition party ODM ticket.

Only Wajir East MP Abass Sheikh was elected on a Jubilee ticket.


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By NepJournal March 6, 2017 23:38

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