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Uhuru urges Supreme court to dismiss petition against his win

Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the Supreme Court to throw out petitions challenging his election on October 26. President Uhuru Kenyatta said in a statement on Sunday that the more than ten petitioners’ claims were uncorroborated and a misuse of judicial time and resources.

“Consequently, it is cunning and deceptive for the petitioners to pretend to be bona fide defenders of the public interest,” he said in the statement terming them as agents of the main opposition party led by Raila Odinga.

The president went further to  fault  the National Super Alliance (NASA) party of making illegal efforts to stop the repeat elections which he won by 98% as a result of the opposition boycott. Raila Odinga decided to pull out of the repeat elections citing that IEBC was not in a position to carry out free and fair elections after the commission refused to give in to his irreducible minimum demands.

The petitioners including opposition members and some civil rights activists are appealing to the Supreme Court to invalidate the result of the repeat polls citing believed illegalities including the push for the amendment of the electoral laws, the holding of elections in spite of the withdrawal of the opposition and the skip of renomination of candidates before the polls.

The court has until November 14 to rule on the petitions. If it upholds the result, Kenyatta will be sworn in on November 28.Uhuru Kenyatta won the October 26 repeat election with a total vote of 7.4 million (98% of total votes).


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