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Uganda begins withdrawal of its troops in Somalia

Uganda has begun the withdrawal of its troops serving in the African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

This is after the UN announcement that it plans to reduce the number of African Union (AU) soldiers’ numbers by 1,000 come the end of this year.

Currently there are over 20,000 soldiers in the AU mission (Amisom).

In 2007, Uganda was the first country to send in troops and is the largest contributor with over 6,000 soldiers in the force.

Kenya, Burundi, Djibouti and Ethiopia are also anticipated to trim down their numbers by 31 December.

This is a move to see a handover of security to Somali soldiers and police, the pull out will not be instantly significant.

Even though the African nations have been lauded for their efforts to bring stability to Somalia there have also been claims of corruption among the forces and the failure to safeguard a satisfactory triumph.

Efforts to develop Somalia’s national army are advancing fast.

America has increased its troops in the country and increased air strikes in a bid to boost its co-operation with the Somali military.

Conquering the militant Islamist Al-Shabaab group will not be unproblematic.

Two months ago a massive bomb attack alleged to be planted by the al-Qaeda-affiliated militants killed more than 500 people in the capital, Mogadishu.

It was the deadliest in its campaign against numerous UN-backed governments.



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