U.S. ‘disturbed’ over Oromia and Somali clashes in Ethiopia

Abdirahman Hussein
By Abdirahman Hussein September 20, 2017 10:49





The United States says they are disturbed by the ethnic violence and the large-scale displacement of people living along the border between the Oromia and Somali regions.

In a press statement the U.S embassy urged the Ethiopian government to conducts an immediate investigation into the ethnic violence between Somalis and Oromo people.

“We urge the Ethiopian government to conduct a transparent investigation into all allegations of violence and to hold those responsible accountable. At the same time, on the local level, communities must be encouraged and given space to seek peaceful resolutions to the underlying conflicts,” the statement read in part.

The clashes between Somalis and Oromo have so far claimed the lives of 90 people and forced thousands of others internally displaced.

The fighting is attributed to competition of the limited resource like water that both communities claim ownership.

The government says they will calm the situation that has escalated in the past days; already the federal government of Ethiopia has sent a military to the area.

“We believe Ethiopia’s future as a strong, prosperous, and democratic nation depends on open and inclusive political dialogue for all Ethiopians, greater government transparency, and strengthening the institutions of democracy and justice. These recent events underscore the need to make more rapid and concrete progress on reform in these areas.” U.S embassy press statement says.

The latest violence comes a month after the Ethiopian government lifted a 10-month state of emergency imposed after more than two years of anti-government protests, mainly in the Oromia region.

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Abdirahman Hussein
By Abdirahman Hussein September 20, 2017 10:49

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